Customer Service

Do you have a question?
You can contact our customer service department for questions about any of our products.
They can be reached during office hours at: 0900 - 873 272 8 (1 euro/call) from The Netherlands.
You can also contact us by mail at:

Please make sure to give the appropriate article number of the product you are inquiring after whenever you are contacting us.

Do you have a service report?
If you would like to report service required under the guarantee you can fill out the warranty card. You can find the warranty card in the manual of your product.

The completed form, together with the original purchase receipt, can be sent to:

Trebs BV
Service department
Thermiekstraat 1a
6361HB Nuth
The Netherlands


Warranty cards will only be considered unless accompanied by the original purchase receipt. Guarantee is not given on accessories or other parts of the product that are subject to wear and tear.